Last Stop - November 3, 2001

Last Stop
(c) November 3, 2001

Wash the past away
make the day brand new
unlock heavens gate
color my sky blue

Sins of wreckless days
banished from my mind
curtains made of white
in window cast in light

cleanse my soiled hands
make my halo bright
take me to a world
where sunshine rules the night

Fill my eyes with splendor
beauty from all sides
this child is coming home
I have learned what's right

As I look towards heaven
love has found my heart
peace overfills my soul
I found my truthful part

my life has been forgiven
no longer lost in sin
God has gave his blessing
so glad he always wins

by Ricky D. McKean

God's Water - July 25, 2001

God's Water
(c) July 25, 2001

As I lie and meditate
a hooded figure lies in wait
It comes to bless me in my still
and gives me strength to do God's will

The gentle spirit comes from prayer
to give a sign that God is there
not a word is ever said
we both know why Jesus bled

A little love is all we need
mine comes from God
it's always free

A time will come
when evil reigns
but God will save us
in his day

Choose the path
my shepard lights
a trail of grace
eternal life

The time is near
so make your stand
put all your faith
at God's right hand

God's right hand is Jesus - true
life giving water waits for you

by Ricky D. McKean