Too Close to See - July 27, 2001

Too Close to See
(c) July 27, 2001

I didn't see you looking
I didn't hear you sigh
I couldn't feel the longing stare
that came from your blue eyes

I've loved you too, so long it's true
I must now boldly say
can we now begin our life
together from this day

When we were young
our hearts were not in tune
but, now mine beats like thunder
and I can't wait for June

You will be my lovely bride
we'll join our hands today
let's hurry to the altar
let's rush without delay

Had I known all this time
you cared for me as well
I'd not have waited all these years
to ring our wedding bell

Let's walk the sand together
feel the surf below our knees
embrace beneath the waxing moon
give way to lovers dreams

by Ricky D. McKean

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