Pelican Bay - May 4, 2001

Pelican Bay
(c) May 4, 2001

There is a wondrous cove
just off Ventura's shore
A place of God gave beauty
awaits for your explore

Pelican Bay's the name
where my friends go to stay
a quiet corner of the world
where worries melt away

The bay is natural shelter
from surf and gusts of wind
There's not a spot more pleasant
to go with time to spend

The water sure is crystal clear
the cliffs there meet the sea
Just drop your anchor anywhere
and in heaven you will be

The diving is spectacular
with corals red and blue
Too many different fish to count
and lobster wait for you

Yes I know it's time again
to point my boat northwest
and cruise on out to Pelican
to be with natures best

by Ricky D. McKean

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