My Cup - August 4, 2001

My Cup
(c) August 4, 2001

My coffee cup is special
rich with pleasant steam
for in my waking moments
it supplies my stirring needs

Container of the nectar
that gives my day it's go
the star of breaking slumber
without it I'm too slow

The handle fits my hand
like a mitten of my youth
always dirty never clean
it gets so much abuse

Sipped, dripped and spilled again
it never gets a break
how many drops and overfills
can my overworked mug take

I'll never use another
I'd never give her up
my cup and I have memories
to part might bring bad luck

So, be gentle to your coffee cup
her job she does so fine
and she will keep your coffee hot
for a long long time

by Ricky D. McKean

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