Sea Storm - May 4, 2001

Sea Storm
(c) May 4, 2001

I feel a storm a coming
there's magic in the sky
The clouds of deep dark purple
are boiling as they fly

The air is so magnetic
I feel the energy
The hair stands up behind my neck
as lightning finds the sea

The ocean now is angry
the salt has turned to foam
I hear the crack of thunder
hope my boat will hold it's own

I struggle in the wheelhouse
to keep my compass pointed east
I must pass the edge of hell
and flee this natural beast

Many times I've been here
and each time I survive
The furious hungry waves of rage
that can take a sailors life

A little spark of sunshine
out on my starboard side
Just enough to give me hope
that I might stay alive

There is a hidden strength
in each and every man
So if I make my port tonight
I'll quickly shake God's hand

by Ricky D. McKean

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