Date One - October 23, 2001

Date One
(c) October 23, 2001

Your dress is fresh and lovely
hair enchanting too
yes dinner has been late
yet let's not end so soon

Tomorrow is the weekend
let's just stay and laugh
your eyes of dusky blue
fill me with romance

Perhaps a cup of coffee
I'll call the maitre d'
would you care to dance
I'll beam when you say please

Your skin is soft and rosey
to blush gives you a glow
I like you very much
but I must move so slow

Are you my lighted candle
a gift from God himself
you spin my mind in circles
heart racing till it melts

I must ask the question
though I've kept you late
I hope that you've had fun
How 'bout a second date

by Ricky D. McKean

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