Spring - August 28, 2001

(c) August 28, 2001

As the snow runs away
It melts into a sunny day
A dainty breeze comes forth nye
and washes dark clouds from the sky

Sun is jogging down towards June
Blossoms will appear bright soon
Shadow's dance is smaller yet
The need to hide he'll soon forget

Chipmunk hums in sheer delight
To have a home that's dry tonight
As Spring comes my pulse runs quick
Daylight till nine and stars for mist

Bathing in the lake at dawn
Taking in the Robin's song
Watching eagles nest upstream
Soon their babe's will test their wings

All these things I see from here
And where that is, I'm not quite sure
It's been a time since I've seen sun
The kind that melts my mind like rum

Perhaps that day will soon be here
When all these things are sharp and clear

by Ricky D. McKean

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