Show Off - May 27, 2001

Show Off
(c) May 27, 2001

My puppy Ausie Shepard
the stairs she loved to climb
but had a fear of coming down
At the top she'd stay and cry

I'd come to her rescue
calm her deep despair
give to her a guiding hand
and help her down from there

Everyday she'd climb
like yesterdays routine
and I would coax her down
My push she'd always need

Till today this hour
In the door she ran
shaking with excitement
My attention she must have

Up the stairs she bolted
turned around and paused
then proudly pranced on down
and begged for my applause

Her hazel eyes are smiling
Her stubby tail won't stop
She's quite a little show off
This canine girl I've got

by Ricky D. McKean

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