Tell Tale Eyes - 2001

Tell Tale Eyes
(c) 2001

It's the eyes that speak the silent words
and help us see the fear
that lies unside eachother's hearts
and mixes with the tears

They blend together many things
like bitter sweet sorrow
and the eyes they speak more truthfully
than any words we sow

Our eyes they tell the secrets
and they never ever fail
to show just what's within
the things that we don't tell

They can't disguise the pain inside
nor hide a little doubt
they won't let you shy away
when you want to pout

Our happiness cannot be drowned
nor sadness as you know
it's right there in your eyes, you see
They're everywhere you go

The eyes can show such happiness
and joy for all to see
so please don't try to hide your love
no one's fooled - not me

by Ricky D. McKean

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