Lunch - May 5, 2001

(c) May 5, 2001

Two sparrows by my park bench
waiting for a crumb
They watch me eat my sandwich
look for a morsel they can bum

I am not a rich man
I've not a lot to spare
Why can't they go a hunting
and find a worm to share

I work hard for what I have
I can't feed the poor
They must think I'm easy
and open welfare door

They're giving me four sad eyes
and a little chirp
They do look sorta thin
just pecking 'round the dirt

Now they're hopping closer
they must be feeling bold
These are not the timid birds
I knew in days gone old

They are right below me now
between my two big feet
looking up expectantly
patient for a treat

I really must give in now
try not to be so rude
I will share my lunch with them
because they're so darn cute

by Ricky D. McKean

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