1976 - May 3, 2001

(c) May 3, 2001

I just saw the flying nun
I need another bong
She flew right by the window
with Superman so strong

They buzzed my pad too closely
like Snoopy flying low
Need another couple beers
hope I don't heave ho

Put the mushrooms on a sandwich
I don't want them plain
Broom Hilda and her vulture
just zapped them in from Spain

Look here's Batman and Robin
in that really bitchin ride
The one they confiscated
from Frankenstein's dead bride

Right on, groovy
that's exactly what I need
to ride off into the sunset
with Elly May my dream

Wow that's real cool thunder
or banging on the door
you probably won't believe this
It's Drag Net dude, ten four

He says just the facts kid
Adam 12 is on the case
I changed one too many channels
Scotty beam me off to space

by Ricky D. McKean

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