The Choice - May 1, 2001

The Choice
(c) May 1, 2001

Lucifer or Jesus
who will be your king
which one's got your attention
to which one will you sing

Both will give you wondrous things
both will take you in
one promotes a gift of love
the other offers sin

The low road gives quick pleasure
the high road makes you strong
this is a choice you have to make
and you may not have too long

The road to hell is dusty
heaven's paved with gold
some will cry out with thirst
I'll be with God I'm told

If I might be so bold
and offer some advice
please give your life to Jesus
it's not hard if you will try

Listen to this man
who's former life was hell
paying ransom to my demons
I got to know so well

Please give your hand to Jesus
he'll lead you far away
from all the things that haunt you
till he comes back to stay

by Ricky D. McKean

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