Goin' Nuts - 2001

Goin' Nuts
(c) 2001

It might be that I'm going nuts
do you think that I'm OK
Cause I'd really like to leave this place
some bright and sunny day

For as long as I've been down now
it's really hard to tell
I might be goin' crazy
has my head began to fail

My cell is getting smaller
and my bodies feeling frail
don't know if I can last in here
I hope this isn't hell

As I walk the line each day
nothing's ever new
why can't they just let me go
my crime was not that cruel

They say that I can have a job
if I'm a real good boy
please tell me why I'd want to be
a servant for the coy

When I go out to the yard
I see a cat or two
they mingle with the inmates
but to none will they be true

The cats are surely crazy
to stay in such a place
so they must be just like me
a real true mental case

Could I be a bird so lite
and clever in the sky
and fly around so happy
never worry where I'll die

But the fence is all around me
and I think that I know why
it's because they think I'm goin' nuts
and doctors never lie

So as I sit here on my bed
inside my cozy cell
I float upon their little pills
that make me feel so well

I really must be going now
I hope I'm not a bore
but I fear I might be going nuts
and scared of what's in store

by Ricky D. McKean

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