Back Home - June 8, 2001

Back Home
(c) June 8, 2001

Bending for a nickel
Begging for a dime
The broken man has no one
Real life has passed him by

Taken from society
November sixty-five
to find the 'cong in jungles
and fight to stay alive

Courage has all left him
His pride has fell away
Frown nor smile will find him
Confusion fills the day

Send a man to war
Pay him with your spit
Peace not war, my ass
your conscious ain't worth shit

Twenty years go by
Now you want to help
A memorial for the dead
The men who fought in hell

It's too late for parades
behind your guilty grin
He'll never be a hero
You took that day from him

by Ricky D. McKean

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