Noise - April 7, 2001

(c) April 7, 2001

If noise was more expensive
how little there would be
yes if we had to buy it
we wouldn't waste any

No more blarring stereos
no more scooting chairs
no more stomping heavy boots
up and down the stairs

No more turn the TV down
it's way to loud you know
and the neighbors dog at dinner
time that barkings got to go

How 'bout that morning gardener
the one you pay too good
he'll have to sell that blower
and sweep the way he should

All that high pitch yelling
the kind you hear at work
just hang that noise price list
on your bosses teacup hook

Hearing at the movies
won't be such a chore
if we have to pay to talk
once we get inside the door

I know this is petty
it's small time you'll agree
but, how 'bout some peace and quiet
just a little, please

by Ricky D. McKean

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