The Painting - May 12, 2001

The Painting
(c) May 12, 2001

Can you brush a painting
of you to give to me
so while I'm searching for my love
I'll know who she'll be.

Your selfless acts of kindness
I adore from not too far
the twinkle in your eyes
expose the angel that you are.

Your pecky personality
simmers from your lips
I hope there's one just like you
for me a ring to slip

Your smile is enchanting
every movement filled with grace
Hair spun from the finest gold
surrounds your blushing face.

In all my waking moments
your image haunts my mind
your pure and wonderous love
I could see if I were blind

My wish if there's another
with your fine qualities
to embrace my aching heart
So your painting I won't need

I know your love is taken
and mine you'll never be
May I just have a painting
of you till love finds me.

by Ricky D. McKean

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