Z Avenue - August 28, 2001

Z Avenue
(c) August 28, 2001

Took a trip just yesterday
A little walk down "Z" highway
Paper in my left, pencil in my right
I looked upon the floor
and asked why people fight

Shot of coffee for a quarter
puff of smoke for just a buck
The rising cost of sanity
hope my money will hold up

Scrabble in this corner
Poker table over there
All for just one purpose
Gambling past my stare

One might get an extra hole
One might take a hit
The one consumed in anger
He goes to the pit

No light, no sound, no comfort
All lost for three long months
But this will always be the price
To those behind in thoughts

I guess it's not surprising
why so many go to jail
We must get one step closer
To a place that man calls hell

by Ricky D. McKean

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