The Leaves - 2001

The Leaves
(c) 2001

My pencil's scratching paper
time is three or four
it's waiting for that special word
that lets it write somemore

It's very close to quiet now
this is when there's peace
while all the prisons sleeping
my mind is more at ease

The light is hard to read by
or write by I should say
just a sliver through the window shade
to help me find my way

My eyes are growing heavy
it's hard to me to see
so I'll go to sleep now
and pause perhaps to dream

Dream about lost freedom
and what it really means
to take a walk outside that gate
and scatter like the leaves

The leaves they blow to and fro
think I'll play upon the wind
and if I go and fly so bold
will it ever end

Or could I stay and dream away
Until I dream again
The leaves they blow to and fro......think I'll play

by Ricky D. McKean

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