Simple - April 6, 2001

(c) April 6, 2001

Oh to have a simple mind
not worry 'bout a thing
walk through life so serene
never feel the strain

The strain that comes from thinking
and using all my might
thinking about nothing
yet passing all my time

How my mind does wander
wanders far away
like a small lost dog
who has gone astray

On other days I keep it
tightly on a leash
I'll not let go of any thoughts
not one will I release

Why must there be those like me
who dread the morning sun
and envy all the simple men
whose thoughts are not undone

Undone -- not I
my head is sewn on tight
just ask the man who nods his head
when I say that I'm alright

Oh to have a simple mind
what a tranquil joy
but think what I'd be missing
without my complex toy

by Ricky D. McKean

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