Pain - September 16, 2001

(c) September 16, 2001

I've been under saddness
for so long it seems
how long does it take
to shape a man like me

I have died so many times
smothered in my grief
how much longer now
to breath some sweet relief

Torment of two worlds
each inside my mind
who's to say who's right
should I take a side

One breeds intense sorrow
another clings to pain
these are just the choices
death wishes to explain

Saddness is most certain
to be my lonely fall
sinking ever smaller
till demise weeps one last call

Pity my poor dueling minds
still so much left inside
I must gather strength
to make that final ride

Free me God, I'm ready
please take my soul today
I've really now had all
my painful heart can take

by Ricky D. McKean

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