Compassion - 2001

(c) 2001

I wish that I could be that man
that lives the real good life
a big house all around him
three children and a wife

But I chose the other road
the one that leads away
from all of lifes security
to live from day to day

Walking on from street to street
never had a home
now here I am with all I have
and oh so much alone

I just don't know
where I could go, I hope it isn't far
Don't even have the luxury
of shelter from a car

The rain has started falling now
it blends in with my tears
think I'll try to find a spot
down underneath the pier

There are more just like me here
it's really not too bad
the ones who have lost everything
and squandered all we had

So think of us from time to time
when you get that payment slip
we're really not that stupid -- see
we just don't want that trip

Of paying bills and all the thrills
that makes you look so rich
it's really so much easier
to live beside the ditch

And ponder on lifes bigger things
like loneliness per say
or disease and suffering
why so much dismay

In the world of the noble
no one will die today
of anything like hunger
'cause compassion is our way

by Ricky D. McKean

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