The Key - September 10, 2001

The Key
(c) September 10, 2001

For my only love
A kiss upon the cheek
This will have to do
until our lips can meet

I've waited all my life
But I can't wait much more
I need your love so sweet
your spirit I adore

Just a little longer
I shiver patiently
To wrap my arms around
The one that holds the key

Unlock my love forever
Give my heart new life
Fill my song with passion
Touch my soul tonight

Loneliness is gone
Hearts racing side by side
For you my love the world
All you see in sight

My kingdom is now yours
Together we will reign
Let's populate the world
Our love we can't contain

Just waiting for your key
To give my heart it's day
Please unlock my love
Together from this day

by Ricky D. McKean

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