See You in the Morning - 2002

See You in the Morning
(c) 2002

So see you in the morning
remember don't be late
there's a foursome right behind us
tee time is at eight

So, I'll see you in the morning
it won't be that long
I've just got some things to do
a few, if I'm not wrong

First I'll make the coffee
measure it just right
double check the timer
so it perks at first daylight

I've got to put the cat out
he likes to run till dawn
and chase the little creatures
he teases on and on

Almost forgot my fishbowl
they're boring oh it's true
but very very pretty
and they must eat too

Darn, those dirty dishes
must have left them after lunch
it's OK I've got time
they're not a real whole bunch

Don't see my new sunglasses
that tomorrow I will wear
I've simply got to find them
to stop all that bright glare

by Ricky D. McKean

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