Windowpane - August 27, 2001

(c) August 27, 2001

Blink again the spirit told
New life comes with dreams so bold
Crystal clear waves of feel
Keep my world just outside real

Gather up today's proverbs
Cast to the wind a bright new word
Take this hour to grow immense
Loud new colors way intense

Soaring high new life flys
pitched higher than a lark can cry
Can you smell the new red bud
and taste the color on your tongue

Grass so green, blades reek of rain
Upon your eyes they leave a stain
Glowing candles make of ice
Melt the world to sounds so nice

Rythym says it's time to play
Notes float by like crisp hot rays
When all these strokes meet as one
Swim your eyes into the sun

One more thing I wish to say
Don't take it all, that's real four-way

by Ricky D. McKean

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