A Living - 2001

A Living
(c) 2001

I think I need a rest now
these words come to me so fast
It's oh so hard to understand
how long will all this last

I pick the pen or pencil up
paper by the score
all I do is close my eyes
then I must write somemore

It's difficult for me to stop
of this you can be sure
the lead flys from my pencil
hope my fingers will endure

Don't know how all this happened
I've been searching all my time
to learn just what it is
to help me make a dime

I really hope that writing
is my natural
gift 'cause I'm sure the good lord knows
my wallet needs a lift

So if I make some money
by writing my thoughts down
I hope I'll make enough to live
when my free feet hit the ground

by Ricky D. McKean

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