Whose Time - September 15, 2001

Whose Time
(c) September 15, 2001

Life is oh so dreary
until you find your gift
stumbling day to day
lost in fog and mist

Searching for the freedom
looking for the signs
waiting for the answer
that breaks the clock of time

Looking for the right path
takes a little while
I have yet met no one
who got there in rich style

Wisdom shows it's head
when patience comes to view
trying as you might
waiting's hard to do

Suffering breeds joy
pain will turn to song
trust your inner spirit
it won't lead you wrong

Self will is such a tease
flirting with your soul
pulling you away
from love you don't yet know

Take some useless time
pray on what you need
you will receive your gifts
at God's own time and speed

by Ricky D. McKean

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