Whirlwind - April 4, 2001

(c) April 4, 2001

I chanced upon a whirlwind
while walking late today
it rustled in the trees
until the leaves began to stray

Dropping to the fenceline
it brushed against the rails
whistled in the wire
and scattered one cattail

As I stood by looking
it danced over to a stream
just close enough to ripple
while it sipped a little drink

It then seemed to linger
as if to pause and sigh
then quick twirled by some flowers
they must have caught it's eye

Closer to the parkway
it breezed by two large dogs
stopped to brush their shiny coats
and then said so long

Just then a tall young man
was walking by the lawn
the whirlwind gave a spiteful twist
and the young man's hat was gone

You might say it's funny
I guess that's alright
but that was my new poker cap
bought for the game tonight

by Ricky D. McKean

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