Free Man (c) 2002

Free Man
(c) 2002

If I were a free man
I'd wish that you were here
You and I could share the world
together far from fear

We could be so happy
not a care would ever be
we could run far from this place
together you and me

And if we ever got away
just how far ya think we'd go
how 'bout by the ocean
or south to lay real low

They say the sky is clear down there
the clouds there never rain
Do yas think it would be far enough
to stop this outlaw pain

I've lived behing the bars so long
I guess it's just as well
those like me just can't be free
we stand in line for hell

And when that final day comes
I will ask God for my place
but do you think he'll listen
to a man who fell from grace

by Ricky D. McKean

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