Sweetheart - November 3, 2001

(c) November 3, 2001

So happy to have found you
to you I give my all
I've searched for you so long
you must have heard my call

Years and years I've waited
to hold your hand in mine
yes, the wait was worth it
our love now ripe like wine

Put your arms around me
I'll hold you tight and strong
touch the love within me
the warmth just can't be wrong

Peace is ours forever
no longer out of sight
love will play our souls
like music clear and brite

Reach for me my love
hear me in the night
my heart is on the wind
with you I'll share my life

Yes, I see you dear
hair dancing in the breeze
come walk this life with me
in love with sweethearts dreams

by Ricky D. McKean

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