God's Highway - August 24, 2001

God's Highway
(c) August 24, 2001

Give the gift of love,
share it all the day.
Smile as you go,
on your merry way.

Just a kind hello,
or caring "I love you"
can make somebody's day,
if it comes from you.

Show a little sunshine,
wear it on your sleeve.
Pass it here and there,
to other's dim lit needs.

Sometimes slowing down,
can bring the quickest change.
If you're searching for direction,
ask God to show the way.

Our pilot knows the stars,
more than any man.
His patient style of guidance,
is part of his grand plan.

So stop and say hello,
to all who've gone astray.
Help them find the path,
back to God's highway.

by Ricky D. McKean

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