My Locker - 2001

My Locker
(c) Ricky D. McKean 2001

My locker by itself
is just an empty space
but if I use it wisely
it keeps what I have in it's proper

place Things that are so little
and others not too small
I put inside my locker
so I don't loose them all

I keep my jeans and sweatshirt
my sister gave to me
folded neatly for that visit
I'm hoping soon will be

Pictures on the inside
and outside of the door
don't know where I will put them
if I receive some more

I even hung a cheap watch
right over on the corner
so I know it's time to eat
or how long I can snore

The top is always messy
with my pencils and my cups
sheets of paper everywhere
all scribbled and marked up

My locker's real important
as you can surely tell
It keeps all the stuff inside
that would clutter up my cell

by Ricky D. McKean

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