Restless - August 7, 2001

(c) August 7, 2001

Oh, to lie in peace
not worry 'bout the storm
my head upon soft pillow
while thunder beats the door

Give myself to wind
soaring in a dream
restless on a kite
wind pulling at my string

Puffs of feathered clouds
lifted by the sun
brush by swirling tail
while passing on the run

I dart above the sky
touch the daylight moon
There's music in the air
a soothing mystic tune

Round and round I turn
dizzy loops of joy
euphoric figure eights
flying high on nature's toy

Dashing right swooping left
farther up I go
Of this I'll never tire
let's fly till sunset glows

Ah, the lazy summer
floating in the breeze
my pillow gently holding
the dream, the kite, and me

by Ricky D. McKean

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