Last Stop - November 3, 2001

Last Stop
(c) November 3, 2001

Wash the past away
make the day brand new
unlock heavens gate
color my sky blue

Sins of wreckless days
banished from my mind
curtains made of white
in window cast in light

cleanse my soiled hands
make my halo bright
take me to a world
where sunshine rules the night

Fill my eyes with splendor
beauty from all sides
this child is coming home
I have learned what's right

As I look towards heaven
love has found my heart
peace overfills my soul
I found my truthful part

my life has been forgiven
no longer lost in sin
God has gave his blessing
so glad he always wins

by Ricky D. McKean

God's Water - July 25, 2001

God's Water
(c) July 25, 2001

As I lie and meditate
a hooded figure lies in wait
It comes to bless me in my still
and gives me strength to do God's will

The gentle spirit comes from prayer
to give a sign that God is there
not a word is ever said
we both know why Jesus bled

A little love is all we need
mine comes from God
it's always free

A time will come
when evil reigns
but God will save us
in his day

Choose the path
my shepard lights
a trail of grace
eternal life

The time is near
so make your stand
put all your faith
at God's right hand

God's right hand is Jesus - true
life giving water waits for you

by Ricky D. McKean

Too Tight - October 23, 2001

Too Tight
(c) October 23, 2001

Haven't touched the paper
in three weeks maybe four
thought I'd grab a pen
how the time does soar

I've been drifting places
I'd not like to be
dreaming anxious thoughts
chasing restless leaves

Living in my world
contained within my cell
begging for forgiveness
wrapped too tight for hell

Light must give me peace
shade will turn to dust
time can surely pass
in God I must trust

Fifteen months till life
pulls me from despair
walking through the gate
now is my only care

Blessed curse of remorse
fills my lonely day
sorrow plays on recall
I must kneal and pray

by Ricky D. McKean

Soon - September 15, 2001

(c) September 15, 2001

Not a day goes by
I don't wish upon a star
reaching out for you
wishing near and far

Yearning just to touch
waiting just to hold
burning for your love
dreaming thoughts untold

Lips of sweetest honey
skin tanned in the sun
haunting fragrant hair
sparkling as you run

Stars can't touch your beauty
seas can't hold your wine
whisper in my sleep
your kiss will soon be mine

Love is such a blessing
ours found in fitful crys
the fires of our hearts
we'll blend in blissful rhyme

Waiting is like maddness
yet joy is made from pain
waiting for your love
growing brighter everyday

by Ricky D. McKean

Puppy Love - March 29, 2001

Puppy Love
(c) March 29, 2001

When you were just a puppy
you were smarter than the rest
it didn't take me long to tell
that I had picked the best

We went everywhere together
in my shiny new corvette
all the ladies loved you
and some I can't forget

When I took you to races
they wanted you to leave
they said as we went through the gate
you had too many feet
But I led you to the front row
and got you your own seat

Then I helped you with your raybans
and fluffened up your hair
and we just sat the grinning
while all the people stared

by Ricky D. McKean

Too Close to See - July 27, 2001

Too Close to See
(c) July 27, 2001

I didn't see you looking
I didn't hear you sigh
I couldn't feel the longing stare
that came from your blue eyes

I've loved you too, so long it's true
I must now boldly say
can we now begin our life
together from this day

When we were young
our hearts were not in tune
but, now mine beats like thunder
and I can't wait for June

You will be my lovely bride
we'll join our hands today
let's hurry to the altar
let's rush without delay

Had I known all this time
you cared for me as well
I'd not have waited all these years
to ring our wedding bell

Let's walk the sand together
feel the surf below our knees
embrace beneath the waxing moon
give way to lovers dreams

by Ricky D. McKean

The Prize - August 3, 2001

The Prize
(c) August 3, 2001

Just a touch of madness
growing shades of doubt
Telling eyes inside my head
proclaim I can't get out

Darkness fogs my mind
faces crowd my dream
Happy to have found you
you'll not again be free

The hooded man with sickle
beckons from his lair
Patient, sure, and silent
waiting for death's snare

When will I last quiver?
Will I be cast a clue?
Haunting feelings answered
by questions bathed in truth

Not a night of peace
only sparks of fear
My day is coming soon
my time is growing near

At last the hours of torment
the hell that comes from life
will find it's way to laughter
death will be my prize

by Ricky D. McKean

Free Man (c) 2002

Free Man
(c) 2002

If I were a free man
I'd wish that you were here
You and I could share the world
together far from fear

We could be so happy
not a care would ever be
we could run far from this place
together you and me

And if we ever got away
just how far ya think we'd go
how 'bout by the ocean
or south to lay real low

They say the sky is clear down there
the clouds there never rain
Do yas think it would be far enough
to stop this outlaw pain

I've lived behing the bars so long
I guess it's just as well
those like me just can't be free
we stand in line for hell

And when that final day comes
I will ask God for my place
but do you think he'll listen
to a man who fell from grace

by Ricky D. McKean

A Living - 2001

A Living
(c) 2001

I think I need a rest now
these words come to me so fast
It's oh so hard to understand
how long will all this last

I pick the pen or pencil up
paper by the score
all I do is close my eyes
then I must write somemore

It's difficult for me to stop
of this you can be sure
the lead flys from my pencil
hope my fingers will endure

Don't know how all this happened
I've been searching all my time
to learn just what it is
to help me make a dime

I really hope that writing
is my natural
gift 'cause I'm sure the good lord knows
my wallet needs a lift

So if I make some money
by writing my thoughts down
I hope I'll make enough to live
when my free feet hit the ground

by Ricky D. McKean

Driven - 2001

(c) 2001

I am driven, I am driven
or maybe I'm possessed
by the man inside my head
that just won't let me rest

He makes me think, he makes me write
he won't let me cease
to put my thoughts on paper
they all must be released

Why can't he just leave me
and let me go to bed
he just won't be happy
'till he hears all that I have said

I want to stop, I need to stop
but he won't let me be
because the man inside my head
well, he's a lot like me

I am driven, I am driven
and the more that I put down
the more that I think the man inside
is just a crazy clown

by Ricky D. McKean

On Board - November 17, 2001

On Board
(c) November 17, 2001

Relaxing now on board
all the work is done
thinking just of you
and how the day was fun

Again we'll do it soon
to share some time alone
you will soon be mine
together we will roam

Leave your world at once
come to me again
we'll sail around the world
and walk the silver sand

You must be my love
I will wait no more
your hand I wish to take
my knees are on the floor

Will you be my own
and sail the seven seas
we can share our lives
will you come now please

My heart is growing weak
for I need you so
please come soon my dear
our love can only grow

by Ricky D. McKean

Sundaze - June 8, 2001

(c) June 8, 2001

Soft dry winds fly west
Raise my sails till full and stretch
Porpoise lead my way

by Ricky D. McKean

Date Two - November 5, 2001

Date Two
(c) November 5, 2001

Oh, its good to see you
I've been waiting for your smile
glad that you've come early
lets go sailing for a while

You are dressed just perfect
your tan is a delight
please come on aboard
we're wasting our daylight

Your dreamy eyes say ready
lets enjoy our day
we'll anchor down for lunch
somewhere along the way

I've just the perfect wine
and cheese from far away
a romantic meal for two
with nature close at bay

The day has been so wondrous
first kiss a lightning spark
your sweet touch numbs my mind
your laughter melts my heart

can I see you soon
will you love me too
this is oh so fast
a rose rushing toward full bloom

by Ricky D. McKean

The Cross - July 25, 2001

The Cross
(c) July 25, 2001

A cross appears
inside my head
the blood still fresh
wet crimson red

The message clear
God's son is dead
a selfless act
his blood is shed

Like my sins
the life is gone
he gave his wind
for wrongs I've done

But, yonder look
he lives again
he breaths new life
to souls in pain

His world awaits
for all who need
complete salvation
free of greed

The love is free
without a cost
life with God
no longer lost!

by Ricky D. McKean

Tom - April 29, 2001

(c) April 29, 2001

I am not a pure breed
no tags or pedigree
I'm simply just the coolest cat
this town has ever seen

I don't need a license
the catcher can't catch me
I'm way to clever, sly, and smart
he can't get close you see

My eyes are so hypnotic
the buds fall from the trees
with just one look the lady cats
get weak down in the knees

No home is mine
I move from house to house
pay my rent by the day
by scaring up a mouse

Boys like me are hard to keep
we can't seem to settle down
perhaps when I get older
but for now I'll Tom around

by Ricky D. McKean

Parole - May 30, 2001

(c) May 30, 2001

No more bars of steel
No more peckerwood
I've had all I need
of prison brotherhood

No more concrete walls
No more wars of race
The fighting never stops
Hate consumes this place

No more bowing down
To screws in green jumpsuits
Turn-keys of the system
With lead filled attitudes

No cussing out the mirror
No self-wrought missery
No kicking my own shadow
I will learn respect for me

Parole will come in days
Freedom waits outside
Free from wreched evil
Resting firmly on it's pride

When the gates behind me
The clock will start again
The world will be my cell
I've been set up to win

by Ricky D. McKean

Departure Time - September 12, 2001

Departure Time
(c) September 12, 2001

Oh to suffer calmly
give to pain devine
feel the joy of sorrow
burn with wounds so fine

Can the lessons learned
ever match the loss
loss of earthly faith
of Jesus on the cross

Will man ever learn
God's message cast in stone
foregoing simple rules
will keep man from his home

Forever more to travel
upon the earth so dead
trapped within his hell
blood flowing thick and red

Heaven's gate is open
to those with shameless faith
will you join my father
in his home so great

Time is growing short
trumpets soon will blast
give yourself to God
time is going fast

by Ricky D. McKean

My Words - May 21, 2001

My Words
(c) May 21, 2001

Fill my prose with thunder
or whisper life from mine
Pull my deepest feeling
to your lips and hear it rhyme

Tear my fondest memories
gently from each page
Peel my mask of hollow joy
to see my spirit rage

Give my words your laughter
Embrace my lonely verse
Immerse my song in passion
Blend my soul with yours

Engage my warm sincerity
and drink it as fine wine
Or fly inside my sorrow
on a cloud afraid to cry

My only true possesion
A gift from up above
I give to you my words
May you find them in my love

by Ricky D. McKean

Voices - May 7, 2001

(c) May 7, 2001

Who are all those people
chanting in my brain
All those different voices
calling out my name

Am I made to listen
Must it be I who hears
all the distant whispering
that dances in my ears

Do they linger from the past
all my failures and my fears
Or could they be my hopes
and wants for future years

Either way they haunt me
Voices wrought with gloom
Will they ever leave me
or bring impending doom

And this cursed illness
somehow will I survive
Will the choir go away
or stay until I die

by Ricky D. McKean

State Border - May 8, 2001

State Border
(c) May 8, 2001

What's a state of mind
Are there borders in the brain
If I choose to leave the state
Does that mean I'm insane

I feel a state of mind
is a safe place I can go
When life gets too difficult
and stress begins to show

Find a simpathetic doctor
who'll give me happy meds
I'll once again enjoy life
forget those thoughts I dread

Now I'm in a tranquil state
a world that's not so bad
My minds so longer crippled
my ideals no longer madd

How long can I remain
Don't make me go away
If you close that border
On this side I'll stay

by Ricky D. McKean

UnderWay - May 5, 2001

(c) May 5, 2001

There goes "No Respect"
once again she's left her slip
The sturdy boat is sea bound
for another island trip

Fridge is stocked and tanks are topped
a crew of two today
We're off to Catalina
for a weekend getaway

Just beyond the breakwall
cap' will open up the beast
The sweet thunder from the transome
always puts my mind at ease

There's nothing left to worry
just enjoy the sun so bright
And with the grace of Neptune
we'll be in Avalon tonight

Captain Lou holds her true
and runs a perfect line
We cut right through the popcorn
with twin Detroits so fine

She launches off the top
and slaps the trough again
We got a nine foot southern swell
that makes the bell ring now and then

Sixteen knots in open sea
we're making real good time
Island on horizon
we'll be anchored down by five

Ship to shore -- ten four
the Casino I can see
Shore patrol we need to park
for two days, maybe three

Half the fun is getting there
that's what people say
On that run it all was fun
stayed underway all day

by Ricky D. McKean

Whose Time - September 15, 2001

Whose Time
(c) September 15, 2001

Life is oh so dreary
until you find your gift
stumbling day to day
lost in fog and mist

Searching for the freedom
looking for the signs
waiting for the answer
that breaks the clock of time

Looking for the right path
takes a little while
I have yet met no one
who got there in rich style

Wisdom shows it's head
when patience comes to view
trying as you might
waiting's hard to do

Suffering breeds joy
pain will turn to song
trust your inner spirit
it won't lead you wrong

Self will is such a tease
flirting with your soul
pulling you away
from love you don't yet know

Take some useless time
pray on what you need
you will receive your gifts
at God's own time and speed

by Ricky D. McKean

Whirlwind - April 4, 2001

(c) April 4, 2001

I chanced upon a whirlwind
while walking late today
it rustled in the trees
until the leaves began to stray

Dropping to the fenceline
it brushed against the rails
whistled in the wire
and scattered one cattail

As I stood by looking
it danced over to a stream
just close enough to ripple
while it sipped a little drink

It then seemed to linger
as if to pause and sigh
then quick twirled by some flowers
they must have caught it's eye

Closer to the parkway
it breezed by two large dogs
stopped to brush their shiny coats
and then said so long

Just then a tall young man
was walking by the lawn
the whirlwind gave a spiteful twist
and the young man's hat was gone

You might say it's funny
I guess that's alright
but that was my new poker cap
bought for the game tonight

by Ricky D. McKean

Miss Nature - May 16, 2001

Miss Nature
(c) May 16, 2001

Out to walk
I feel her near
A gentle breeze, tickles my ear

Sounds of spring
The sun is high
A robins laughter, paints the sky

A willow weeps
with moist new leaves
Arches down, to kiss my cheek

Garden green
with shards of red
A rose whispers, good day my friend

The lilac hedge
with yellow bloom
Scent beckons me, with rich perfume

She bares herself
for those who dare
And reveals all, for them to share

she bids me stay
Enchanted by, Miss Nature's play

by Ricky D. McKean

Compassion - 2001

(c) 2001

I wish that I could be that man
that lives the real good life
a big house all around him
three children and a wife

But I chose the other road
the one that leads away
from all of lifes security
to live from day to day

Walking on from street to street
never had a home
now here I am with all I have
and oh so much alone

I just don't know
where I could go, I hope it isn't far
Don't even have the luxury
of shelter from a car

The rain has started falling now
it blends in with my tears
think I'll try to find a spot
down underneath the pier

There are more just like me here
it's really not too bad
the ones who have lost everything
and squandered all we had

So think of us from time to time
when you get that payment slip
we're really not that stupid -- see
we just don't want that trip

Of paying bills and all the thrills
that makes you look so rich
it's really so much easier
to live beside the ditch

And ponder on lifes bigger things
like loneliness per say
or disease and suffering
why so much dismay

In the world of the noble
no one will die today
of anything like hunger
'cause compassion is our way

by Ricky D. McKean

Levis - 2002

(c) 2002

Where's my faded levis
don't see them anywhere
I really must get organized
there is no time to spare

And my lucky T-shirt
the one that has the tear
must be with my lucky hat
they make a natural pair

I'll just sit a minute
there's been so much to do
but if I'm not mistaken
I think I'm almost through

Why am I so tired
just another lazy day
tomorrow I'll play golf
hope that it don't rain

But if it does that's OK
I've some things that must be done
really not too many
just a few if I'm not wrong

by Ricky D. McKean

Outside You - May 3, 2001

Outside You
(c) May 3, 2001

To be aware of life around you
not consumed within your own
is a gift of so few people
it's why so many are alone

Too busy to enjoy
all the people you might know
or the beauty all around you
in all the places that you go

Too caught up in your own routine
to set aside some time
for people close beside you
who need your love so kind

You won't hear what's wonderful
if you're alone and sad
you must rise to meet the joy in life
so things don't seem so bad

So next time you're depressed
and things don't feel so great
try to get outside yourself
and join the human race

by Ricky D. McKean

See You in the Morning - 2002

See You in the Morning
(c) 2002

So see you in the morning
remember don't be late
there's a foursome right behind us
tee time is at eight

So, I'll see you in the morning
it won't be that long
I've just got some things to do
a few, if I'm not wrong

First I'll make the coffee
measure it just right
double check the timer
so it perks at first daylight

I've got to put the cat out
he likes to run till dawn
and chase the little creatures
he teases on and on

Almost forgot my fishbowl
they're boring oh it's true
but very very pretty
and they must eat too

Darn, those dirty dishes
must have left them after lunch
it's OK I've got time
they're not a real whole bunch

Don't see my new sunglasses
that tomorrow I will wear
I've simply got to find them
to stop all that bright glare

by Ricky D. McKean

Morning Star - October 25, 2001

Morning Star
(c) October 25, 2001

The sun has rose again
life begins once more
golden rays of hope
warm my earthly soul

The sun presents its ray
precious in its glow
generous with its light
heats my heart just so

Can you feel the sun
touch the morning star
you know who it is
Jesus from afar

The wonder of the world
the first to conquer death
the beam of endless life
to save you from darks depth

Come to God with praise
warm your soul with faith
teach your heart to love
make heaven your new place

Love will find its path
our king will save us soon
catch the morning star
and watch your new life bloom

by Ricky D. McKean

Life's Tree - September 18, 2001

Life's Tree
(c) September 18, 2001

Can you imagine life
the kind that grows on trees
a new fruit every month
the flavor of our needs

Are your sins forgiven
have you broke your chains
Is Jesus your own brother
has God read your name

As long as you are breathing
the chance for life is sure
eternal peace is waiting
the kind that's rare and pure

Cast your eyes to heaven
let Jesus guide your day
pray for wisdom's light
while finding grace's way

Are you truly ready
does God own your soul
will you call him king
have you washed your robes

I'm joyous time is short
anxious for God's time
flying love toward life
my new home in the sky

by Ricky D. McKean

Congressman - April 28, 2001

(c ) April 28, 2001

I'm just a lowly congressman
my tax base is so small
can you give me some more money
no, I won't take it all

Let's go to lunch to talk
and try to make a plan
five hundred thou, yes that's enough
the contract's yours my man

The middle class don't worry
they all pay their share
we give it to the rich
you know we must be fair

The number of the poor
is growing, yes it's true
but we give them welfare
what else can we do

You worry for your freedom
you say it's almost done
you must be mistaken
now give to me your gun

You see I'm just a congressman
there's not much I can do
but if you'll please just vote for me
I'll work hard for you

by Ricky D. McKean

Torment - September 25, 2001

(c) September 25, 2001

A wishing well of thoughts
my mind seems to be
wishing for the end
of life's endless grief

Useless nights of torment
my dreams bring to me
dreams of hidden treasure
this world will never see

Past time lost to ego
selfish in my youth
future days uncertain
what path will I ensue

Still the door is shining
just can't find the key
impatient for more clues
torment fuels the need

Happy in my saddness
some might say its so
to lend myself to suffer
is the only joy I know

Yes the hours late
times become a friend
lifes waiting just inside
I see the loving end

by Ricky D. McKean

Tomorrow - April 29, 2001

(c) April 29, 2001

What do you think the morn' will bring
white snow down on the ground
or just the blizzard in my head
wind driven blindness blown around

Maybe a small hurricane
tearing up the shore
ripping corners of my mind
till I can't take now more

Just a little rain
to fill the creeks and the streams
the pressure floods my brain
with pounding thoughts and dreams

Could be a black tornado
mayhem in a cloud
twisting up my sanity
till I cry out loud

Oh thank God, a sunny day
take a long deep breath
everything will be OK
evjoy your mental health

by Ricky D. McKean

Spring - August 28, 2001

(c) August 28, 2001

As the snow runs away
It melts into a sunny day
A dainty breeze comes forth nye
and washes dark clouds from the sky

Sun is jogging down towards June
Blossoms will appear bright soon
Shadow's dance is smaller yet
The need to hide he'll soon forget

Chipmunk hums in sheer delight
To have a home that's dry tonight
As Spring comes my pulse runs quick
Daylight till nine and stars for mist

Bathing in the lake at dawn
Taking in the Robin's song
Watching eagles nest upstream
Soon their babe's will test their wings

All these things I see from here
And where that is, I'm not quite sure
It's been a time since I've seen sun
The kind that melts my mind like rum

Perhaps that day will soon be here
When all these things are sharp and clear

by Ricky D. McKean

Time - May 2, 2001

(c) May 2, 2001

Yes, time moves too quickly
or too slow as some will say
I know it was so long ago
but seems like yesterday

by Ricky D. McKean

Z Avenue - August 28, 2001

Z Avenue
(c) August 28, 2001

Took a trip just yesterday
A little walk down "Z" highway
Paper in my left, pencil in my right
I looked upon the floor
and asked why people fight

Shot of coffee for a quarter
puff of smoke for just a buck
The rising cost of sanity
hope my money will hold up

Scrabble in this corner
Poker table over there
All for just one purpose
Gambling past my stare

One might get an extra hole
One might take a hit
The one consumed in anger
He goes to the pit

No light, no sound, no comfort
All lost for three long months
But this will always be the price
To those behind in thoughts

I guess it's not surprising
why so many go to jail
We must get one step closer
To a place that man calls hell

by Ricky D. McKean

The Mob - April 28, 2001

The Mob
(c) April 28, 2001

I'm on the edge of madness
and there's nothing I can do
somethings crawling in my head
causing chaos through and through

Surely it's my fault
with my appetite for thought
once the wheels start turning
only sleep will make it stop

The masses start their chanting
none of it makes sense
the angry mob gets louder
their voices thick and dense

When they come to visit
torment is all they bring
they yell and talk so loud
my ears can only ring

I'm sure they know I'm in here
why else would they come
perhaps they wish to trick me
they must think I'm dumb

I always stand my ground
and hear them as they cry
I'll just stay right here on watch
until I fugure why

by Ricky D. McKean

Tulip - May 7, 2001

(c) May 7, 2001

I wonder what it looks like
the one that no one sees
Deep inside thick forest
surrounded by tall trees

I wonder of the color
I'm curious to the size
Does it long and yearn
to be adored by human eyes

Do the angels watch
the most beautiful of them
The one that has no equal
natures secret gem

I presume it's stunning
a breathtaking gorgeous dream
Made for God's eyes only
the tulip no one sees

by Ricky D. McKean

Veterans Day - November 11, 2001

Veterans Day
(c) November 11, 2001

A humble holiday
for those who fought and died
the Veterans of this land
to save our way of life

Just thinking of their loss
as rain is coming down
watching from my window
as flags wave sure and proud

For country they gave all
men with no regret
to trade their lives for freedom
of this we can't forget

And what of those who lived
with scars they wear with pride
we must shake their hands
and thank them for our life

The balance of our lives
is measured by blood shed
by those in uniform
of this you can depend

So remember on this day
the ones who keep us free
and say a little prayer
for future history

by Ricky D. McKean

Visits - December 29, 2001

(c) December 29, 2001

Shouldn't I be happy
I wish that I could be
a long drive for a visit
my people came to me

A little conversation
from the other side
the wall that has no mercy
separates my life

Depression washed in sorrow
now sits inside my cell
just a friendly visit
to remind me I'm in hell

Torturing my soul
with news from far and wide
I must put a stop
to visits from free life

No more smiling faces
with love deep in their eyes
the hope is too intense
to carry in my mind

So no more blessed visits
I'll just do my time
and wait upon the day
freedom comes so fine

by Ricky D. McKean

Windowpane - August 27, 2001

(c) August 27, 2001

Blink again the spirit told
New life comes with dreams so bold
Crystal clear waves of feel
Keep my world just outside real

Gather up today's proverbs
Cast to the wind a bright new word
Take this hour to grow immense
Loud new colors way intense

Soaring high new life flys
pitched higher than a lark can cry
Can you smell the new red bud
and taste the color on your tongue

Grass so green, blades reek of rain
Upon your eyes they leave a stain
Glowing candles make of ice
Melt the world to sounds so nice

Rythym says it's time to play
Notes float by like crisp hot rays
When all these strokes meet as one
Swim your eyes into the sun

One more thing I wish to say
Don't take it all, that's real four-way

by Ricky D. McKean

Noise - April 7, 2001

(c) April 7, 2001

If noise was more expensive
how little there would be
yes if we had to buy it
we wouldn't waste any

No more blarring stereos
no more scooting chairs
no more stomping heavy boots
up and down the stairs

No more turn the TV down
it's way to loud you know
and the neighbors dog at dinner
time that barkings got to go

How 'bout that morning gardener
the one you pay too good
he'll have to sell that blower
and sweep the way he should

All that high pitch yelling
the kind you hear at work
just hang that noise price list
on your bosses teacup hook

Hearing at the movies
won't be such a chore
if we have to pay to talk
once we get inside the door

I know this is petty
it's small time you'll agree
but, how 'bout some peace and quiet
just a little, please

by Ricky D. McKean

Tell Tale Eyes - 2001

Tell Tale Eyes
(c) 2001

It's the eyes that speak the silent words
and help us see the fear
that lies unside eachother's hearts
and mixes with the tears

They blend together many things
like bitter sweet sorrow
and the eyes they speak more truthfully
than any words we sow

Our eyes they tell the secrets
and they never ever fail
to show just what's within
the things that we don't tell

They can't disguise the pain inside
nor hide a little doubt
they won't let you shy away
when you want to pout

Our happiness cannot be drowned
nor sadness as you know
it's right there in your eyes, you see
They're everywhere you go

The eyes can show such happiness
and joy for all to see
so please don't try to hide your love
no one's fooled - not me

by Ricky D. McKean

Simple - April 6, 2001

(c) April 6, 2001

Oh to have a simple mind
not worry 'bout a thing
walk through life so serene
never feel the strain

The strain that comes from thinking
and using all my might
thinking about nothing
yet passing all my time

How my mind does wander
wanders far away
like a small lost dog
who has gone astray

On other days I keep it
tightly on a leash
I'll not let go of any thoughts
not one will I release

Why must there be those like me
who dread the morning sun
and envy all the simple men
whose thoughts are not undone

Undone -- not I
my head is sewn on tight
just ask the man who nods his head
when I say that I'm alright

Oh to have a simple mind
what a tranquil joy
but think what I'd be missing
without my complex toy

by Ricky D. McKean

A Wish - January 27, 2002

A Wish
January 27, 2002

Your kiss will save my life
your love can break these chains
Please touch my soul tonight
my heart lies here in wait

Your spirit finds me dreaming
wishing on your star
your light is glowing bright
my wish is your warm heart

Our spirits must be wed
the touch will spark the flame
sweet love will fuel the fire
that time will never tame

I'm waiting here so patient
for time to be just right
the stars they hold the key
to give our love full flight

How much longer dear
till you awaken me
please make my dreams come true
your kiss will set me free

Just a gentle peck
upon my waiting lips
to give my aching heart
the love it needs to live

by Ricky D. McKean

My Gift - 2001

My Gift
(c) 2001

I don't have a TV
nor a radio
I just read my Bible
so time won't go too slow

I don't need to talk too much
sittin' in this hole
not too many criminals
I really want to know

But I have my bible
it's all I want or need
to get me through this test
my father gave to me

I have a convict cellmate
he's a Christian too
we talk all about the Lord
and read together too

I sit here drinkin' coffee
smoke more tobbacco than I should
and when the words come to me
I put them down and hope they're good

God has surely given me
a gift I can't deny
to put my words on paper
a reason not to die

by Ricky D. McKean

Sweetheart - November 3, 2001

(c) November 3, 2001

So happy to have found you
to you I give my all
I've searched for you so long
you must have heard my call

Years and years I've waited
to hold your hand in mine
yes, the wait was worth it
our love now ripe like wine

Put your arms around me
I'll hold you tight and strong
touch the love within me
the warmth just can't be wrong

Peace is ours forever
no longer out of sight
love will play our souls
like music clear and brite

Reach for me my love
hear me in the night
my heart is on the wind
with you I'll share my life

Yes, I see you dear
hair dancing in the breeze
come walk this life with me
in love with sweethearts dreams

by Ricky D. McKean

Fish Fry - April 28, 2001

Fish Fry
(c) April 28, 2001

Cast your line - Cast your line
think a happy thought
think of what you'll do
once the fish is caught

Hit the fish - Hit the fish
smack him on the head
don't let him get away
smack him till he's dead

Clean the fish - Clean the fish
slash him with your blade
cut till all the bones are gone
and all the pieces are fillet'd

Cook the fish - Cook the fish
throw him in the pan
fry him till he's done
then feed the hungry man

Eat the fish - Eat the fish
eat to your delight
eat until you're full
we'll catch some more tonight

by Ricky D. McKean

Comfort - June 8, 2001

(c) June 8, 2001

Lightning splits gray sky
Angry thunder echos by
My afghan soothes me

by Ricky D. McKean

Open Door - August 10, 2001

Open Door
(c) August 10, 2001

Everyday, each hour
more is yet revealed
visions rich with beauty
less and less concealed

I've asked for life eternal
and received an open door
In company of angels
in awe of what's instore

My gift is growing closer
path narrowing each day
I praise my loving God
for showing me the way

All that has been written
all that has been said
will come to pass so soon
before the lamb is wed

Once again I ask you
to give your life to God
ask for his forgiveness
pledge your soul to love

Time is growing short
as death comes into view
words cannot describe
what waits inside for you

by Rick D. McKean

Day Dream - April 28, 2001

Day Dream
(c) April 28, 2001

There is a place inside my mind
where darkness never comes
not a cloud or raindrop falls
the day is full of sun

Rolling fields of clover
and trees with crimson leaves
dotted with bright flowers
to give my eyes a tease

Just one small stream
to feed the pond the water that it needs
cattails, moss, and bluegrass
line the banks of emerald green

This is surely heaven
what else could it be
everything is perfect
all the sights I see

Could there be a place like this
a real place, not a dream
because if there is
I'll take my pole with me

by Ricky D. McKean

Solid - 2001

(c) 2001

To myself I'm sorry
for all that I have done
It really wasn't easy
having all that fun

The pain inside is torture
the kind I can't release
but if someday it goes away
then have I killed the beast

Or have I only gotten
all that I deserve
it took so long to figure out
which king that I should serve

God was only waiting
for me to come around
so in the end by picking him
I found the solid ground

With him I'll build my future
to him I will be true
and when he comes to get me
I pray he gets you too

by Ricky D. McKean

Ten Seconds - May 16, 2001

Ten Seconds
(c) May 16, 2001

I climb inside
turn the key
exhaust of thunder fills my need

Check all red pegs
internal boost
shoulder harness must not come loose

Eight holes of fire
shake the beast
the violence puts my mind at ease

Up to the line
quick burn for fun
I'll make some smoke with wrinkles spun

Rubber melted
to the track
Just one last check as I roll back

Serious now
this one's for cash
Hope my rod can blast this dash

Inch to the light
wait signal lock
White, amber, green, a hot hole shot

Ten slow seconds
lightning quick
Win light left, racer Rick

Just a thought
who's to say
I might go fast again someday

by Ricky D. McKean

God's Highway - August 24, 2001

God's Highway
(c) August 24, 2001

Give the gift of love,
share it all the day.
Smile as you go,
on your merry way.

Just a kind hello,
or caring "I love you"
can make somebody's day,
if it comes from you.

Show a little sunshine,
wear it on your sleeve.
Pass it here and there,
to other's dim lit needs.

Sometimes slowing down,
can bring the quickest change.
If you're searching for direction,
ask God to show the way.

Our pilot knows the stars,
more than any man.
His patient style of guidance,
is part of his grand plan.

So stop and say hello,
to all who've gone astray.
Help them find the path,
back to God's highway.

by Ricky D. McKean

Eight Minutes - March 1, 2002

Eight Minutes
(c) March 1, 2002

Eight minutes at a time
behind a frozen door
waiting for the day
my spirits free once more

Hope becomes a wish
the months will pass away
The enemy is time
and dearly I do pay

Eight minutes at a time
the walls are cold and blue
the pit is dark and damp
but my spirit I won't loose

Shining through the bars
the stars do beckon me
another restless night
Waiting to be free

Eight minutes at a time
the time it takes to smoke
and cast my thoughts to life
here drowning in my hope

by Ricky D. McKean

Flight - April 26, 2001

(c) April 26, 2001

Can't I sleep a little longer
what would be the harm
my dream is not yet over
and my bed is nice and warm

I've never been this lite before
nor floated for so long
I only need that gentle boost
from my angel oh so strong

The view from here is wonderous
I've not yet beat a wing
consumed in bliss and soaring
above fields of frosty green

Oh no the sun is coming
I must hide from morning light
I'll glide into this snowy cloud
to shade the sun so bright

Too late my flight is over
I must return now to my room
pull the covers off my head
and hope tonight comes soon

by Ricky D. McKean

Mad - November 3, 2001

(c) November 3, 2001

Terror strikes my eyes
another day insane
break the curse at once
peace must reign again

Kill the man who haunts me
drive him from my life
there simply is not room
for two inside this mind

Crash the gates of maddness
escape the wrath of hell
tell the king of havoc
I no longer ring his bell

Love and peace one hour
hell waiting by the clock
make indecision cease
free me make it stop

Bars upon my pupils
my soul cannot escape
give me back my life
it wasn't yours to take

Bring to me the sun
let love shine on me
take me to the flower
where freedom grows so sweet

by Ricky D. McKean

The Choice - May 1, 2001

The Choice
(c) May 1, 2001

Lucifer or Jesus
who will be your king
which one's got your attention
to which one will you sing

Both will give you wondrous things
both will take you in
one promotes a gift of love
the other offers sin

The low road gives quick pleasure
the high road makes you strong
this is a choice you have to make
and you may not have too long

The road to hell is dusty
heaven's paved with gold
some will cry out with thirst
I'll be with God I'm told

If I might be so bold
and offer some advice
please give your life to Jesus
it's not hard if you will try

Listen to this man
who's former life was hell
paying ransom to my demons
I got to know so well

Please give your hand to Jesus
he'll lead you far away
from all the things that haunt you
till he comes back to stay

by Ricky D. McKean

Death Knows - September 23, 2001

Death Knows
(c) September 23, 2001

Oh my restless mind
running far and wide
frantic for an answer
to questions deep inside

When will life be over
will the mystery end
what's the last endeavor
thoughts I can't recind

Speeding toward forever
growing day by day
what's the biggest question
only death can say

Searching for the knowledge
life will give to me
but only what's important
useless thoughts I weed

Wanting only resolve
needing for some clues
what's the long lost purpose
who walks in my shoes

Trading time for wisdom
patience comes and goes
what will be the last thought
only death does know

by Ricky D. McKean

Back Home - June 8, 2001

Back Home
(c) June 8, 2001

Bending for a nickel
Begging for a dime
The broken man has no one
Real life has passed him by

Taken from society
November sixty-five
to find the 'cong in jungles
and fight to stay alive

Courage has all left him
His pride has fell away
Frown nor smile will find him
Confusion fills the day

Send a man to war
Pay him with your spit
Peace not war, my ass
your conscious ain't worth shit

Twenty years go by
Now you want to help
A memorial for the dead
The men who fought in hell

It's too late for parades
behind your guilty grin
He'll never be a hero
You took that day from him

by Ricky D. McKean

The Key - September 10, 2001

The Key
(c) September 10, 2001

For my only love
A kiss upon the cheek
This will have to do
until our lips can meet

I've waited all my life
But I can't wait much more
I need your love so sweet
your spirit I adore

Just a little longer
I shiver patiently
To wrap my arms around
The one that holds the key

Unlock my love forever
Give my heart new life
Fill my song with passion
Touch my soul tonight

Loneliness is gone
Hearts racing side by side
For you my love the world
All you see in sight

My kingdom is now yours
Together we will reign
Let's populate the world
Our love we can't contain

Just waiting for your key
To give my heart it's day
Please unlock my love
Together from this day

by Ricky D. McKean

Mystery Van - May 3, 2001

Mystery Van
(c) May 3, 2001

Let's jump into the mystery van
and take a little ride
I got a sneaking hunch
there's Scooby snacks inside

We can cruise on over
to Fred and Wilma's home
play paddy cakes with Pebbles
and go fetch with Dino's bone

While we're on an outing
let's go see Jane and Rosey too
watch Elroy build a rocket
and launch Astro through the roof

George is always busy
pushing buttons at the store
and Judy's still in love
with Jet Screamer she adores

I really never grew up
I remember all that fun
maybe I could go back
and forever watch re-runs

by Ricky D. McKean

Father Sun - August 24, 2001

Father Sun
(c) August 24, 2001

Once again today
fog has brought the morn'
no wind to blow it out
The sun needs time to mourn

Tall between the stars and sky
light takes a humble bow
Waiting for fog's wimper
surrender from it's tower

Fog offers last resistance
begs the lord of light
to wait a little longer
before burning it's last rights

Father Sun is waiting
Yes, waiting patiently
for a glimpse of remorse
but fog still stands sturdy

The ruler of the stars
grows weary now of wait
draws his sword of gold
tells fog his time is late

Hours arrived once more
Yes, once again he grins
Fog must run and hide
Father Sun has won again

by Ricky D. McKean

Old Days - May 1, 2001

Old Days
(c) May 1, 2001

Do you remember bubble gum
with comics stuffed inside
a nickel for an almond joy
baseball cards for one thin dime

Admittance to the fair was free
we didn't have to pay
hotdogs for a quarter
ride a wagon stacked with hay

No need to lock your backdoor
noone stole a thing
leave the keys right in the car
with no alarms to ring

I think my life was better then
the world was pure and sweet
half the town would go the church
on Sunday morn' to meet

Maybe I'm just getting old
it's not that hard to say
life was so much better
back in my good old days

by Ricky D. McKean

Sunset - April 9, 2001

(c) April 9, 2001

What have you seen today my friend
what's life given to your eyes
anything unusual
enough to make you sigh

Perhaps the morning dew
shining in the sun
or the glimpse of several deer
forever on the run

Did you see the butterfly
skipping on the air
to find more natural beauty
well, let's just say it's rare

Have you ever noticed
the blossom in the tree
and wonder how it turns to fruit
once it meets the bee

How 'bout a warm spring shower
to make the flowers grow
followed just as quickly
by the sign of God's rainbow

If you didn't see these things
it may not be too late
to see the day end gracefully
and watch the sunset with your mate

by Ricky D. McKean

Chicken Dinner - April 30, 2001

Chicken Dinner
(c) April 30, 2001

Tonight I went to dinner
took a friend to have some fun
we both ordered chicken
I said I want mine done

Waited for an hour
thought the food would never come
we were just about to leave
when came the waiter on the run

He said I'm so sorry
about your food it took so long
thanks for being patient
is anything else wrong

No we're glad the food is here
will you please just go away
bring the bill by quickly
We'll eat fast and then I'll pay

I couldn't eat the shrivled bird
it was way to dry
Don't order well done chicken
unless it's chicken pie

by Ricky D. McKean

5:48 - May 13, 2001

(c) May 13, 2001

Several different melodies
I hear outside the bars
Bluejays are bringing morning
To the world that has no song

The winded guard is pacing
at each door he stops and peers
into darkness and dusty cells
to see if we're still here

I get up and wash my face
brush my teeth and hair
then light the days first smoke
as the fog begins to clear

Soon the doors will open
We'll file from the block
shuffle down the corridor
to stand in line for slop

Breakfast done I must return
to my cell my home
give way to thoughts of gray
and try to find a poem

Early morning in the pen
its the same dull spin
One more day to think persay
of what I might have been

by Ricky D. McKean

One Page - November 12, 2001

One Page
(c) November 12, 2001

Writing for the sake
of making my pen move
I'm bored beyond belief
stuck in that old mood

Passing time is hell
of this you can believe
In maddness there's no end
of sorrow lost in grief

Waiting for the day
my spirit flys again
but endless hours of torment
feed one minutes end

Another seconds time
one word in my book
make the day just end
I'll not sneak a look

Send me to my freedom
release me of my pain
change the clock of life
I'm waiting by the gate

Another forelorn page
another wink of time
am I having fun
wasting all my life

by Ricky D. McKean

Guardians - June 20, 2001

(c) June 20, 2001

To the blessed angels
who watch me night and day
thanks for your protection
and guidance on the way

You all deserve a medal
to take a job like mine
I've been such a rebel
chasing life while blind

Endless times you've saved me
from my deadly selfish heart
can you please forgive me
for working you so hard

I've had many chances
to greet the other side
but mine is not the choice
only Jesus may decide

God bless watchful angels
who's work is never done
may I get to thank them
when we meet as one

by Ricky D. McKean

The Painting - May 12, 2001

The Painting
(c) May 12, 2001

Can you brush a painting
of you to give to me
so while I'm searching for my love
I'll know who she'll be.

Your selfless acts of kindness
I adore from not too far
the twinkle in your eyes
expose the angel that you are.

Your pecky personality
simmers from your lips
I hope there's one just like you
for me a ring to slip

Your smile is enchanting
every movement filled with grace
Hair spun from the finest gold
surrounds your blushing face.

In all my waking moments
your image haunts my mind
your pure and wonderous love
I could see if I were blind

My wish if there's another
with your fine qualities
to embrace my aching heart
So your painting I won't need

I know your love is taken
and mine you'll never be
May I just have a painting
of you till love finds me.

by Ricky D. McKean

Lunch - May 5, 2001

(c) May 5, 2001

Two sparrows by my park bench
waiting for a crumb
They watch me eat my sandwich
look for a morsel they can bum

I am not a rich man
I've not a lot to spare
Why can't they go a hunting
and find a worm to share

I work hard for what I have
I can't feed the poor
They must think I'm easy
and open welfare door

They're giving me four sad eyes
and a little chirp
They do look sorta thin
just pecking 'round the dirt

Now they're hopping closer
they must be feeling bold
These are not the timid birds
I knew in days gone old

They are right below me now
between my two big feet
looking up expectantly
patient for a treat

I really must give in now
try not to be so rude
I will share my lunch with them
because they're so darn cute

by Ricky D. McKean

Change - October 1, 2001

(c) October 1, 2001

Bars have changed me
there's no doubt
no need to rule
direct or shout

No power left
in my two hands
to move my world
as I command

God is king
I must now say
these men with clubs
will dread his day

My bodies dead
in mournful sleep
but spirit's strong
no longer weak

Yes bars will change
a man with dreams
and fill his nights
with fitful grief

In the end
the judge will bow
to higher wisdom
with sweat wet brow

But God is fair
if he's done well
He won't spend
his time in hell

by Ricky D. McKean

Pelican Bay - May 4, 2001

Pelican Bay
(c) May 4, 2001

There is a wondrous cove
just off Ventura's shore
A place of God gave beauty
awaits for your explore

Pelican Bay's the name
where my friends go to stay
a quiet corner of the world
where worries melt away

The bay is natural shelter
from surf and gusts of wind
There's not a spot more pleasant
to go with time to spend

The water sure is crystal clear
the cliffs there meet the sea
Just drop your anchor anywhere
and in heaven you will be

The diving is spectacular
with corals red and blue
Too many different fish to count
and lobster wait for you

Yes I know it's time again
to point my boat northwest
and cruise on out to Pelican
to be with natures best

by Ricky D. McKean

Only He - September 10, 2001

Only He
(c) September 10, 2001

Move a mountain, calm a sea
Who does this, only He
Feed the poor, heal the weak
Who sees all, only He

Can you hear the words
Can you see the light
Can you feel the love
They come with great delight

Watch your world grow
See the sights so rare
Give yourself to God
You know his love is there

Will you hold his hand
Will you take his love
Will you feel the touch
That comes from up above

Who can change a man
Who can melt the hate
Who teaches all that's good
Who can be so great

When will you give up
When will your heart see
How long must it take
To believe in only He

by Ricky D. McKean

Trust - December 2, 2001

(c) December 2, 2001

Tightly in God's hand
peace now holds my pen
content to wait the day
until my soul ascends

Trusting in my lord
to make his plan complete
just passing earthly time
till he calls for me

Soon the day will come
together we will fly
to meet the king of love
on heavens cloud of white

Lessons we have learned
soon will set us free
trusting in the lord
will be our only need

Greet the morning star
with love deep from your heart
and feel your spirit soar
I find its not that hard

Earthly wants and worries
soon will disappear
give yourself to God
his love is always near

by Ricky D. McKean

The Farm - April 8, 2001

The Farm
(c) April 8, 2001

Why must years move so fast
while hours grind away
who's the one to wind the clock
won't he rest for just one day

Time becomes distorted
youth comes back to view
my mind it tries to separate
thoughts of old and memories new

It seems so very long ago
on the farm I'd run and play
splashing through the ditches
making hideouts in the hay

The mysteries of the old barn
what treasures I would find
and all the mischief I'd get in
if i didn't mind

There were all the flowers
trees and garden green
can't forget the great big yard
with just a little stream

I miss my favorite maple
where I had the swing
a tire from that old pick-up
and rope I got for free

Time we shouldn't measure
Or we become too old
then we'll never loose the feel
of being young and bold

by Ricky D. McKean

Payed in Fool - January 1, 2002

Payed in Fool
(c) January 1, 2002

My heart longs to be free
yet body still confined
to steel and concrete walls
that hold my bleeding mind

My spirit wishes flight
to stop the wretched pain
I'm trapped behind the bars
my life still wrapped in chains

The anguish and the fear
the sorrow and the strain
keep my mind in check
like a crimson stain

My future is on hold
still waiting patiently
for the key to turn
and free me of my grief

The curse of 80 proof
brought me to my knees
now I must do the time
until my soul is free

I have surely learned
and payed a gruesome price
I can never drink
I'll not pay with my life

by Ricky D. McKean

Torn - April 3, 2001

(c) April 3, 2001

There was a time
not long ago, just a day or two
when I was not myself at all
the night time was the coldest black

And I was almost through
I was torn
and cut so deep
I needed help it's true

So I started writing
pushed this pencil
till I knew
that waiting on the other side
the sky as crystal blue

I know that this is strange
and really don't make sense
But could it be that writing
is my only strong defense

Defense from what you say
is there something wrong
why can't you just do your time
it's really not that long

Time is not the reason
that it's hard you see
it's the damn confinement
I'm way too close to me

by Ricky D. McKean

On Guard - May, 31, 2001

On Guard
(c) May, 31, 2001

Some men flirt with Hades
Tease the king that reigns
Then lose the gift of life
when earthly debts are paid.

Beware the posing teacher
who stills the wind of trust
stirs the dust of rumor
and feeds the fire of lust

Fear the hollow promise
of leaders bound to chains
Their gift of borrowed riches
will stain your soul with shame

Be watchful of the greed
that grows inside your fence
it's wicked seed is torment
till maddness claims your sense

Post your guards at once
before horror storms the gates
Evil waits for no man
I pray you're not too late

by Ricky D. McKean

Mercy - November 25, 2001

(c) November 25, 2001

OH sweet death come find me
fly me on your wing
my bodies old and dying
my soul now longs to sing

How long must we wait lord
for your day to come
the morning star is bright
let my spirit run

Slay the evil demon
free this earthly man
take me to your home
on heavens holy land

Asking only mercy
lord save me from my pain
wash my robes pure white
not again to stain

My spirit overflows
to only you I'm true
I am your humble servant
just let this day be through

Shadows turn to dust
sun is shining bright
no longer on the run
guide me to your light

by Ricky D. McKean

A Message - July 20, 2001

A Message
(c) July 20, 2001

An angel whispers
in my ear
God is love
he is here

The angel says
it's not too late
we all can learn
how not to hate

Give yourself the gift of peace
praise the lord down on your knees
wait no more, please don't delay
pray to God, pray today

His gift is free
for all to take
wait no more
your soul's at stake

by Ricky D. McKean

The Leaves - 2001

The Leaves
(c) 2001

My pencil's scratching paper
time is three or four
it's waiting for that special word
that lets it write somemore

It's very close to quiet now
this is when there's peace
while all the prisons sleeping
my mind is more at ease

The light is hard to read by
or write by I should say
just a sliver through the window shade
to help me find my way

My eyes are growing heavy
it's hard to me to see
so I'll go to sleep now
and pause perhaps to dream

Dream about lost freedom
and what it really means
to take a walk outside that gate
and scatter like the leaves

The leaves they blow to and fro
think I'll play upon the wind
and if I go and fly so bold
will it ever end

Or could I stay and dream away
Until I dream again
The leaves they blow to and fro......think I'll play

by Ricky D. McKean

1976 - May 3, 2001

(c) May 3, 2001

I just saw the flying nun
I need another bong
She flew right by the window
with Superman so strong

They buzzed my pad too closely
like Snoopy flying low
Need another couple beers
hope I don't heave ho

Put the mushrooms on a sandwich
I don't want them plain
Broom Hilda and her vulture
just zapped them in from Spain

Look here's Batman and Robin
in that really bitchin ride
The one they confiscated
from Frankenstein's dead bride

Right on, groovy
that's exactly what I need
to ride off into the sunset
with Elly May my dream

Wow that's real cool thunder
or banging on the door
you probably won't believe this
It's Drag Net dude, ten four

He says just the facts kid
Adam 12 is on the case
I changed one too many channels
Scotty beam me off to space

by Ricky D. McKean

Restless - August 7, 2001

(c) August 7, 2001

Oh, to lie in peace
not worry 'bout the storm
my head upon soft pillow
while thunder beats the door

Give myself to wind
soaring in a dream
restless on a kite
wind pulling at my string

Puffs of feathered clouds
lifted by the sun
brush by swirling tail
while passing on the run

I dart above the sky
touch the daylight moon
There's music in the air
a soothing mystic tune

Round and round I turn
dizzy loops of joy
euphoric figure eights
flying high on nature's toy

Dashing right swooping left
farther up I go
Of this I'll never tire
let's fly till sunset glows

Ah, the lazy summer
floating in the breeze
my pillow gently holding
the dream, the kite, and me

by Ricky D. McKean

Goin' Nuts - 2001

Goin' Nuts
(c) 2001

It might be that I'm going nuts
do you think that I'm OK
Cause I'd really like to leave this place
some bright and sunny day

For as long as I've been down now
it's really hard to tell
I might be goin' crazy
has my head began to fail

My cell is getting smaller
and my bodies feeling frail
don't know if I can last in here
I hope this isn't hell

As I walk the line each day
nothing's ever new
why can't they just let me go
my crime was not that cruel

They say that I can have a job
if I'm a real good boy
please tell me why I'd want to be
a servant for the coy

When I go out to the yard
I see a cat or two
they mingle with the inmates
but to none will they be true

The cats are surely crazy
to stay in such a place
so they must be just like me
a real true mental case

Could I be a bird so lite
and clever in the sky
and fly around so happy
never worry where I'll die

But the fence is all around me
and I think that I know why
it's because they think I'm goin' nuts
and doctors never lie

So as I sit here on my bed
inside my cozy cell
I float upon their little pills
that make me feel so well

I really must be going now
I hope I'm not a bore
but I fear I might be going nuts
and scared of what's in store

by Ricky D. McKean

Pain - September 16, 2001

(c) September 16, 2001

I've been under saddness
for so long it seems
how long does it take
to shape a man like me

I have died so many times
smothered in my grief
how much longer now
to breath some sweet relief

Torment of two worlds
each inside my mind
who's to say who's right
should I take a side

One breeds intense sorrow
another clings to pain
these are just the choices
death wishes to explain

Saddness is most certain
to be my lonely fall
sinking ever smaller
till demise weeps one last call

Pity my poor dueling minds
still so much left inside
I must gather strength
to make that final ride

Free me God, I'm ready
please take my soul today
I've really now had all
my painful heart can take

by Ricky D. McKean

My Cup - August 4, 2001

My Cup
(c) August 4, 2001

My coffee cup is special
rich with pleasant steam
for in my waking moments
it supplies my stirring needs

Container of the nectar
that gives my day it's go
the star of breaking slumber
without it I'm too slow

The handle fits my hand
like a mitten of my youth
always dirty never clean
it gets so much abuse

Sipped, dripped and spilled again
it never gets a break
how many drops and overfills
can my overworked mug take

I'll never use another
I'd never give her up
my cup and I have memories
to part might bring bad luck

So, be gentle to your coffee cup
her job she does so fine
and she will keep your coffee hot
for a long long time

by Ricky D. McKean

Show Off - May 27, 2001

Show Off
(c) May 27, 2001

My puppy Ausie Shepard
the stairs she loved to climb
but had a fear of coming down
At the top she'd stay and cry

I'd come to her rescue
calm her deep despair
give to her a guiding hand
and help her down from there

Everyday she'd climb
like yesterdays routine
and I would coax her down
My push she'd always need

Till today this hour
In the door she ran
shaking with excitement
My attention she must have

Up the stairs she bolted
turned around and paused
then proudly pranced on down
and begged for my applause

Her hazel eyes are smiling
Her stubby tail won't stop
She's quite a little show off
This canine girl I've got

by Ricky D. McKean

Surprise - November 15, 2001

(c) November 15, 2001

The spirit watches closely
protecting us from harm
a gentle guiding hand
close and yet so far

Christians secret weapon
against the demons curse
the spirits gives us life
and helps us through the hurt

If thats not enough
the angels watch us too
they help us through the day
and try to keep us true

Put your hands together
close your heavy eyes
ask for Jesus' help
you may be surprised

What he's done for me
he'll surely do for you
you can find his grace
with wisdom wrapped in truth

So you see its easy
to find a little peace
put your faith in God
he's done right by me

by Ricky D. McKean

Date Two: After Thoughts - November 17, 2001

Date Two: After Thoughts
(c) November 17, 2001

Could she be the one
its way too soon to tell
lovely as she is
glad she likes to sail

I think I was alright
and gave her a nice day
I hope she fell in love
somewhere along the way

Too early to get serious
I tell myself again
she seems to be just right
her heart I hope to win

I wonder what she thinks
am I just another guy
I know that she had fun
I think I caught her eye

She's taking all my thoughts
what is wrong with me
I already miss her
just two hours, maybe three

Could I be in love
I hope it is true
my feelings all have changed
my life is now brand new

by Ricky D. McKean

Sea Storm - May 4, 2001

Sea Storm
(c) May 4, 2001

I feel a storm a coming
there's magic in the sky
The clouds of deep dark purple
are boiling as they fly

The air is so magnetic
I feel the energy
The hair stands up behind my neck
as lightning finds the sea

The ocean now is angry
the salt has turned to foam
I hear the crack of thunder
hope my boat will hold it's own

I struggle in the wheelhouse
to keep my compass pointed east
I must pass the edge of hell
and flee this natural beast

Many times I've been here
and each time I survive
The furious hungry waves of rage
that can take a sailors life

A little spark of sunshine
out on my starboard side
Just enough to give me hope
that I might stay alive

There is a hidden strength
in each and every man
So if I make my port tonight
I'll quickly shake God's hand

by Ricky D. McKean

My Locker - 2001

My Locker
(c) Ricky D. McKean 2001

My locker by itself
is just an empty space
but if I use it wisely
it keeps what I have in it's proper

place Things that are so little
and others not too small
I put inside my locker
so I don't loose them all

I keep my jeans and sweatshirt
my sister gave to me
folded neatly for that visit
I'm hoping soon will be

Pictures on the inside
and outside of the door
don't know where I will put them
if I receive some more

I even hung a cheap watch
right over on the corner
so I know it's time to eat
or how long I can snore

The top is always messy
with my pencils and my cups
sheets of paper everywhere
all scribbled and marked up

My locker's real important
as you can surely tell
It keeps all the stuff inside
that would clutter up my cell

by Ricky D. McKean

My Wind - May 9, 2001

My Wind
(c) May 9, 2001

When I was only seventeen
The wind belonged to me
I came to be the horse
The one with grace and speed

I was not a tame horse
I was young and free
Running was my constant
Predictable as breeze

Many times God saved me
and more times he has cried
begged with me to slow down
but I never tried

Sun will turn to thunder
in a seconds flash
and the wrath of life is here
as today becomes the past

I've been on a whipping pole
near most all my life
punished by my choices
self destruction is my right

I'm the horse who can not die
to suffer is my creed
My wind has gone to pasture
Please leave me here to bleed

by Ricky D. McKean

Memory - April 28, 2001

(c) April 28, 2001

Many times today now
I've gone inside my head
to relive some memory
that I left for dead

There are many times
I wish I could forget
but they never go away
they just turn into regret

Most of life's unhappiness
simply goes to waste
it all gets tucked inside
some with too much haste

Perhaps I should think happy thoughts
the ones that don't dismay
or stop thinking all in all
not let my head to stray

But memories are so wonderful
they paint our life to true
because the things outside our minds
are all that's really new

by Ricky D. McKean

Date One - October 23, 2001

Date One
(c) October 23, 2001

Your dress is fresh and lovely
hair enchanting too
yes dinner has been late
yet let's not end so soon

Tomorrow is the weekend
let's just stay and laugh
your eyes of dusky blue
fill me with romance

Perhaps a cup of coffee
I'll call the maitre d'
would you care to dance
I'll beam when you say please

Your skin is soft and rosey
to blush gives you a glow
I like you very much
but I must move so slow

Are you my lighted candle
a gift from God himself
you spin my mind in circles
heart racing till it melts

I must ask the question
though I've kept you late
I hope that you've had fun
How 'bout a second date

by Ricky D. McKean

Loose Thoughts - January 1, 2002

Loose Thoughts
(c) January 1, 2002

To those who do not know
this is a surprise
I write my verse from prison
a place of no real life

All you read imagined
from a cell too small to breath
a world of earthly hell
is what my green eyes see

I crawl into a poem
and let my mind run free
give my thoughts a rhyme
so life don't look so bleak

I hope you feel my words
I hope you see my dreams
I hope your song is bright
I wait for mine you see

All my hopes for life
I write upon my page
or vent my angry voice
by writing from my rage

Still peace has found my heart
my writing eases pain
I'll be with you soon
just waiting for that day

by Ricky D. McKean

Fisherman - April 30, 2001

(c) April 30, 2001

I've become an old dock bum
but I won't complain
my rusty bones they limit me
from hoisting up the main

When I was a young man
I could work all day
pull the big fish from the sea
work hard for handsome pay

I've played on waves for all my life
the ocean is my home
the harbor is the only world
I have ever known

The times they change my friend
there's no more wooden boats
they're all now made of fiberglass
with fancy colored coats

But the tide it doesn't hear
what's new and what is old
the surf still churns to angry foam
with the gales of winters cold

Yes I am a fisherman
too old to go to sea
but I can tell some stories
of larger fish than most will see

Just one more time I'd like to go
back out past shipwreck reef
and catch the one that got away
the spring of sixty three

by Ricky D. McKean

World Trade Center - September 11, 2001

World Trade Center
(c) September 11, 2001

Once again there's blood
untold amounts of pain
Flying swords of fire
found their mark today

Mankind killing man
spilling life like wine
Torching freedom's dress
the fire will never die

New City begs relief
wounds aglow in night
The City mourns it's loss
yet cries the blood of fight

Who directs the maddness?
Whose hand is insane?
Find the dog at once
Chain him to his fate

Speed him to the city
Let him see her pain
Then feed him to the souls
of those he killed in vain

by Ricky D. McKean

The Beast - Date unknown

The Beast
(c) Date unknown

At last this morn'I feel some peace
I hope it's here to stay
because I can't continue
to carry on this way

My mind resists my heart moves on
a change is coming soon
no more will I live
the bitter life of doom

I will kill the beast
I'll slay him with a knife
he just doesn't understand
I'm fighting for my life

He must leave me
he must go away
I've got to be alone
with what I have to say

He will stop at nothing
to hear me cry out in my pain
I fear that he will never stop
and only leave me mamed

Just finish me
be done with me I say
for when my Lord come takes me
he'll send you on your way

by Ricky D. McKean

Werewolf - May 27, 2001

(c) May 27, 2001

A sole survivor weeps
son of creatures gone
I'm a lonesome wolf
singing my last song

Ranger of the rooftops
dueling minds of fire
Hear my bloody cry of pain
my howl of wild desire

My piercing eyes of green
gave the moon it's rise
The dark was mine alone
my shadows danced with life

I've endured this curse
beneath clouds of mystery
Yet driven to my end
by mortal's fear of me

I wimper now alone
as night gives way to day
One heartfelt silver bullet
slowly burns my soul away

by Ricky D. McKean

Fall Again - November 10, 2001

Fall Again
(c) November 10, 2001

Not yet time to dance
fall must come again
hush my laughter now
but soon life will begin

Reaching deep for patience
still my running mind
waiting just for freedom
now a wanting sigh

Leaves will fall again
we'll gain an hours time
rain will find the ground
sweet will be the rhyme

One last year of sorrow
one more blink of life
teach me now to wait
let father time be nice

Take away twelve months
four seasons I'll not miss
make them pass away
that's my honest wish

by Ricky D. McKean

His Own - December 10, 2001

His Own
(c) December 10, 2001

Only days till heaven
love has found a home
peace is mine forever
I'm Gods very own

Snowy white's my soul
gliding to the light
fulfillment fills my heart
I'm on my way to life

I have found the path
the spirit beckons me
sweet days among the stars
God's heard my humble plea

I've been saved from death
his blood has payed the price
no more time to cry
my eyes have touched the light

Gifts beyond this realm
await my blissful heart
I've met the morning star
and seen the sun grow dark

Love no longer waits
I must go back home
peace is mine forever
I'm God's very own

by Ricky D. McKean

93 - April 26, 2001

(c) April 26, 2001

Tomorrow is my birthday
I wonder what will be
should I toss a party
or keep it secret just for me

You see I've had so many
more than most you must agree
upon the cake the candles
must equal ninety-three

I've waited for the reaper
to take me through the door
since my dear wife left me
when I was eighty-four

Yes I have my children
they are blessings, yes it's true
but I miss my sweetheart
I wed at twenty-two

I wonder does she watch me
and wait patient for my love
perhaps the morn' will bring her
as my gift from up above

by Ricky D. McKean

Your Kiss - January 1, 2002

Your Kiss
(c) January 1, 2002

I'm waiting for your kiss
if you'll be so kind
to bring to me your love
hurry, don't waste time

You've gave my heart a song
my dear I wait for you
please come to me at once
my song of love is true

Our dance has now begun
together we will sing
for me the rose has bloomed
the thorns no longer sting

To you I give my all
my laughter and my verse
with me you'll never cry
your soul I'll never hurt

I am yours alone
our flesh will never part
we have become as one
love flowing from our hearts

So rush to me my love
let love give you speed
I wait upon your kiss
to fill my new found need

by Ricky D. McKean

Homeless - May 7, 2001

(c) May 7, 2001

Have you seen the one
that hangs out by the bin
The trash bin in the alley
the dog that looks too thin

The mutt with dirty paws
and off white scruffy hair
floppy ears of black
with the empty hollow stare

I bet the pooch is homeless
no people friends that care
foraging for scraps
in the city it's not rare

I wonder how it happens
a dog without a home
Just open up the gate
and say you're on your own

For the dog I feel such pity
It's not his fault he's stray
I can see the tear stained fur
beneath wide eyes of gray

What will happen to the dog
Does the catcher know he's here
And what if no one claimed him
That's my biggest fear

Here Boy -- come on over
I'll waste no more time
What the mutt now needs
is a loving home like mine

by Ricky D. McKean

Bitter Sweet - September 14, 2001

Bitter Sweet
(c) September 14, 2001

Behind the tears of pain
lies a sleeping bear
Beware actions of hate
your time is drawing near

You may have your day
you'll make nations sad
but in the bitter end
death will bite your hand

There will be no land
to hide your evil ways
Your fight to rule this world
will dim in future days

Time will come at last
death will rule your home
breath will fall too short
to hold your face below

Past the line you've gone
we'll forgive no more your name
Time has come to fight
you have found our blame

Proud you'll be no more
running for your life
our soldiers walk with God
your death will dry our eyes

by Ricky D. McKean

King for a Day - May 2, 2001

King for a Day
(c) May 2, 2001

Here I lie so lazily
soaking up the sun
waiting for the special set
to give my board a run

I won't ride just any wave
it has to be just right
I've got to showoff for the girls
to get a date tonight

I see the giant rising
it's a killer I can tell
quickly start my paddle
and get lined up to ride the swell

I jump up and it's colosal
well over nine feet tall
this wave will make me famous
hope I don't crash and fall

This is way too radical
the best ride of my life
I'll take it to the tube
drop in and keep it tight

A better wave I've never cut
I'll pump it to the shore
Ask Suzy to the dance tonight
then paddle out for more

Sitting proud upon my board
raking in the rays
I've never been so popular
I'm King of Surf today

by Ricky D. McKean

Dreams I feel - May 29, 2001

Dreams I feel
(c) May 29, 2001

Words are not the writer
The poem can never be
more than just a glimpse
of all the things I see

Each moment passes quickly
new rhyme comes to mind
random flowing thoughts
call from low and high

Never can the wind chime
sing the same sweet tune
The wind is ever changing
Direction always new

If I seem to capture
a picture on my page
it's only an illusion
new history left to age

The verse is not my life
just the dreams I feel
all my thoughts enhanced
which may or not be real

by Ricky D. McKean

Miss Right - May 28, 2001

Miss Right
(c) May 28, 2001

Each morn' I walk the wharf
To give my eyes Miss Right
My only wish has always been
To blend her heart with mine

We trade smiles each morning
I'm careful not to stare
Her slender form is graceful
under auburn locks of hair

If I blew a gentle kiss
would she bat an eye
Might she softly catch it
and wink a sweet reply

Why must simple shyness
hide me from romance
I only wish to share my love
but dare not risk the chance

I must gather courage
present my case just so
and ask Miss Right for company
at twighlight for a strole

by Ricky D. McKean

My Shepard - May 4, 2001

My Shepard
(c) May 4, 2001

I'm a citizen of heaven
this world is not my home
I'm only here to learn what's right
till Jusus calls his own

I need to read the bible
and study all the books
Learn to treat my neighbor nice
and how to do what's good

I have to start to love
the people that I hate
And pray for those who need help
teach them that God is great

I am just an infant child
like a new born sheep
But Jesus is my shepard
and his flock he soon will reep

With faith I learn to stand tall
and flourish in his love
Till the clouds part and he takes me
back to heaven up above

by Ricky D. McKean

Taste Bud - May 2, 2001

Taste Bud
(c) May 2, 2001

Think I'll shave my tongue today
pull a razor cross the top
I'll conduct a small experiment
put my taste buds into shock

I think a naked taste bud
will perform quite differently
there'll be no bumpy coating
to promote a false reading

Will sweet become too bitter
will ice-cream taste good fried
these things I have to find out
but I really don't know why

Will an apple turnover
taste like a piece of fish
all food might taste like M&Ms
that's my secret wish

Perhaps if things go well
I'll start a brand new fad
tongue shaving for the modern world
it will be like rad

Special types of razors
special kinds of cream
I'll make a million off this stuff
I began at home for free

Soon everyone will have to shave
it will be the rage
so hurry home and shave your tongue
so you don't taste so strange

by Ricky D. McKean

Heaven's Gate - September 12, 2001

Heaven's Gate
(c) September 12, 2001

Touched my pen again
lightning burned my eyes
paper begged for comfort
fingers reached for rhyme

Thunder on the left
drumming on my right
my head needs to explode
but wants to stand and fight

Days of sparks and fire
mark my hours of pain
writing calms my spirit
angels on my page

Gifts of promised joy
waiting just beyond
watching for the light
guidance to my home

Patience growing sparse
life must be here soon
open up the door
lead me past my gloom

Wings of blessed spirits
a knowing face of fate
welcome heaven's child
back through heaven's gate

by Ricky D. McKean

Good Night - November 9, 2001

Good Night
(c) November 9, 2001

Last eve I watched a sunset
from start to blissful end
golden rays of hope
to me they seemed to send

Still, I sat so patient
light dancing on the hills
the sun told me goodnight
and spoke of God's great will

Dusky, yet not dark
I strolled on down the walk
stopped to smell a rose
and wished that it could talk

In a wispy voice
I told the rose goodnight
stroked the petals just once more
and bid that it sleep tight

Ten minutes of one night
spent seeking peace of mind
nature is God's gift
glad that God is so kind

A simple rose and sunset
fills my soul with warmth
I've got front row seats
right on my back porch

by Ricky D. McKean

Sometimes - May 1, 2001

(c) May 1, 2001

Sometimes I sit and think for days
and never leave my room
wonder how the world would be
if everything was blue

There would be no grass of green
no yellow colored bees
not a single blossom white
among the apple trees

We couldn't see a red Corvette
or Cadilac in pink
the multicolored sunset
would not be so rich and sweet

What about the clouds above
I can't see them anywhere
Stop, hurry hide the blue paint
this is more than I can bare

Sometimes I lie and think for days
and never leave my bed
wonder how the world would be
if everything was red

There would be no sky of blue
no white snow it's true
not a single yellow stripe
on Lincoln Avenue

Stop, hurry hide the red paint...

by Ricky D. McKean

Brite Lite - September 23, 2001

Brite Lite
(c) September 23, 2001

Looking in the mirror
seems I've lost my head
and if this is true
shouldn't I be dead

Flashing lights from nowhere
stars falling by the way
this is what I see
with eyes closed today

Alas my body's dead
with spirit shining brite
crazy you might say
maybe you are right

Looking back on death
a lifetime passes by
seemed it took so long
to find the way to lite

After so much waiting
a pale green horse I see
time, it must be short
I'm hoping it will be

Soothing waves of love
angels on both sides
guiding gentle touch
flowing robes of white

by Ricky D. McKean

The Cage - August 5, 2001

The Cage
(c) August 5, 2001

In between life and I
exist an endless wall
Concrete, steel, and wire
prevent my freedom call

Never ending bricks
miles of ripping fence
hold the countries worst
in a world less blessed

Men with little pride
men who sold their dreams
for a moment full of grandure
cought seeking human greed

Others who played God
in jealous fits of rage
weapons fired in passion
now kept inside the cage

All have been found guilty
most will never leave
life within an earthly hell
only death will bring release

What is a man's life worth
who's to say what's right
just rest assured you're safe
he's locked up tight tonight

by Ricky D. McKean

Humanity - September 15, 2001

(c) September 15, 2001

Death and taxes, so they say
are two things we can't delay

How 'bout kindness, rare and true
I need some, so do you

Could you stop hope, in one day
or pass on love, dead you'll stay

Life is not just pay and go
to truely live these things must grow

Simple freedom only stays
when simple men teach old ways

To delay the sun so bright
only means extended night

So many things must be on time
faith, hope, and love, yes and rhyme

So if only death and tax
make your alarm clock ring

Try passing on humanity
and see how long you sing

These things must live
They must be so

So we can pay
and die with hope

by Ricky D. McKean

Adrift - September 15, 2001

(c) September 15, 2001

If I am insane
then it is a gift
to live my world in dream
a casual wayward drift

Real life is not kind
sorrow's not a friend
saddness not an ally
fate you cannot blend

Dreams they bring such joy
never wrought in pain
feelings all enchanted
wreckless drops of rain

Giving into dreams
faith for fresh new life
can let your spirit soar
to fly in starry skies

Mystic waves of maddness
comfort from my mind
soothing seas of temper
illusion fills my eyes

If crazy gives me pleasure
or dillusion makes me hope
then leave my conscious be
adrift in my new boat

Insane may be my compass
loves her gift to me
leave me with my illness
I'm happy as can be

by Ricky D. McKean