Adrift - September 15, 2001

(c) September 15, 2001

If I am insane
then it is a gift
to live my world in dream
a casual wayward drift

Real life is not kind
sorrow's not a friend
saddness not an ally
fate you cannot blend

Dreams they bring such joy
never wrought in pain
feelings all enchanted
wreckless drops of rain

Giving into dreams
faith for fresh new life
can let your spirit soar
to fly in starry skies

Mystic waves of maddness
comfort from my mind
soothing seas of temper
illusion fills my eyes

If crazy gives me pleasure
or dillusion makes me hope
then leave my conscious be
adrift in my new boat

Insane may be my compass
loves her gift to me
leave me with my illness
I'm happy as can be

by Ricky D. McKean

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