King for a Day - May 2, 2001

King for a Day
(c) May 2, 2001

Here I lie so lazily
soaking up the sun
waiting for the special set
to give my board a run

I won't ride just any wave
it has to be just right
I've got to showoff for the girls
to get a date tonight

I see the giant rising
it's a killer I can tell
quickly start my paddle
and get lined up to ride the swell

I jump up and it's colosal
well over nine feet tall
this wave will make me famous
hope I don't crash and fall

This is way too radical
the best ride of my life
I'll take it to the tube
drop in and keep it tight

A better wave I've never cut
I'll pump it to the shore
Ask Suzy to the dance tonight
then paddle out for more

Sitting proud upon my board
raking in the rays
I've never been so popular
I'm King of Surf today

by Ricky D. McKean

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