Homeless - May 7, 2001

(c) May 7, 2001

Have you seen the one
that hangs out by the bin
The trash bin in the alley
the dog that looks too thin

The mutt with dirty paws
and off white scruffy hair
floppy ears of black
with the empty hollow stare

I bet the pooch is homeless
no people friends that care
foraging for scraps
in the city it's not rare

I wonder how it happens
a dog without a home
Just open up the gate
and say you're on your own

For the dog I feel such pity
It's not his fault he's stray
I can see the tear stained fur
beneath wide eyes of gray

What will happen to the dog
Does the catcher know he's here
And what if no one claimed him
That's my biggest fear

Here Boy -- come on over
I'll waste no more time
What the mutt now needs
is a loving home like mine

by Ricky D. McKean

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