Taste Bud - May 2, 2001

Taste Bud
(c) May 2, 2001

Think I'll shave my tongue today
pull a razor cross the top
I'll conduct a small experiment
put my taste buds into shock

I think a naked taste bud
will perform quite differently
there'll be no bumpy coating
to promote a false reading

Will sweet become too bitter
will ice-cream taste good fried
these things I have to find out
but I really don't know why

Will an apple turnover
taste like a piece of fish
all food might taste like M&Ms
that's my secret wish

Perhaps if things go well
I'll start a brand new fad
tongue shaving for the modern world
it will be like rad

Special types of razors
special kinds of cream
I'll make a million off this stuff
I began at home for free

Soon everyone will have to shave
it will be the rage
so hurry home and shave your tongue
so you don't taste so strange

by Ricky D. McKean

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