Good Night - November 9, 2001

Good Night
(c) November 9, 2001

Last eve I watched a sunset
from start to blissful end
golden rays of hope
to me they seemed to send

Still, I sat so patient
light dancing on the hills
the sun told me goodnight
and spoke of God's great will

Dusky, yet not dark
I strolled on down the walk
stopped to smell a rose
and wished that it could talk

In a wispy voice
I told the rose goodnight
stroked the petals just once more
and bid that it sleep tight

Ten minutes of one night
spent seeking peace of mind
nature is God's gift
glad that God is so kind

A simple rose and sunset
fills my soul with warmth
I've got front row seats
right on my back porch

by Ricky D. McKean

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